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NBC Diamond Drilling is a specialist division of the NBC Group and we are renowned throughout the industry and the UK for HSE quality systems, accreditations and highly skilled operatives.

Our success in this specialist field lies in our ability to consistently provide engineered and innovative solutions to both complex dismantling and traditional concrete cutting projects across a wide range of sectors within the built environment.

We carry out diamond core drilling for penetrations up to 1m in diameter and to depths of up to 4m as standard. Special diameters and greater depths are available on request.

For very large or irregular openings, we offer stitch drilling, making a series of overlapping holes to cut through concrete of any thickness. Using this method, we have successfully cut openings through and removed various structures, from door openings in heavily reinforced bank vaults, to openings in deep concrete slabs for pile installation.

This is the quickest and simplest way of creating openings in concrete walls and floor slabs. The circular diamond saw blade is mounted on a track, bolted to the concrete surface and travels back and forth in a series of passes to create a precision cut.

This method allows precise cutting to depths of up to 1m and is dust and vibration free. It provides a smooth cut face thus reducing rendering and making good. Accurate cutting and excellent environmental and safety standards are achieved with this method.

This is primarily used to form expansion joints and make patch repairs on motorways, airport runways and pavements. Floor sawing can also be used to form various-sized floor openings as part of structural alteration works to existing buildings and structures.

Floor sawing offers many of the key advantages of track sawing in terms of precision of cut, speed and versatility.

Wire sawing allows precise cutting to any depth and is ideal for cutting very large sections, such as concrete bridge decks, major wall structures, diaphragm walls, heavily reinforced concrete structures and steel structures such as submarines, ships, oil rigs and aircraft.

As with all diamond cutting techniques, wire sawing is dust and vibration free. Any orientation and depth of cut can be achieved and large diameter holes are easily cut using our circular cutting rigs. Plunge wire sawing is a technique used where access is constrained to one elevation of the structure and it can be only cut from one side.

As an alternative to conventional concrete breakers, hand-held and machine-mounted crushers offer a fast and safe method of pulverising concrete sections up to 500mm thick.

Concrete bursting is ideal for demolishing mass concrete structures where there are strict limitations on permissible noise and vibration. This method uses hydraulic bursting heads inserted into pre-drilled holes where they develop splitting forces of up to 500 tonnes to crack the concrete, allowing for subsequent removal.

For safe, accurate and controlled demolition, our fleet of remote-controlled demolition robots complete projects quickly whilst allowing the operator to control the machine from a safe vantage point. With enough power to out-perform excavators up to five times its size, the robot is ideal for use in hazardous, controlled or confined spaces such as traditional demolition projects, atomic research and energy facilities and refractory works to cement kilns and blast furnaces.

The powerful electro-hydraulic system eliminates fumes and generates very little noise. A range of attachments including breakers, crushers and shears allows the robot to undertake a wide range of demolition activities

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