NBC S.H.I.E.L.D. Philosophy

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Sustainability – Health & Safety – Innovation – Ethics & Environment – Lean – Diversity & Inclusion

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Philosophy is central to the NBC group culture and underpins all that we do internally and externally.

Sustainability – this represents the best way of, for example, sourcing our materials in a manner that thinks long rather than short term;

Health & Safety – is at the core of all of our activities and will always be the number one priority for our company and customers and communities in which we operate;

Innovation – with so much competition within our sector our innovation such as our SHIELD philosophy and the way that we eliminate potential errors in payroll on our sites with our ‘hands on’ approach by embedding a key worker on site has been a real success

Ethics & Environment – at NBC our ethics focus upon ‘respect’ are central to our business dealings. Our positive focus on the environment is critical when we conduct our works, always keeping in mind proactively  our environmental impacts;

Lean – this is an area where we look at our work methodology and continually evolve to make improvements and streamline our processes becoming more efficient and effective;

Diversity & Inclusion – represents a significant challenge within the construction industry. At NBC we have embraced diversity to such an extent that the majority of our staff are diverse which sets us apart from the norms in our industry making us leaders in this area. We are also rolling out the FREDIE diversity program from the National Centre for Diversity and FIR Fairness Inclusion Respect in line with our partnership companies in various projects.

To apply the NBC SHIELD philosophy we will:

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